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“As the founder of a startup social enterprise that aims to disrupt the prison industrial complex, nothing could be more appealing that working with a team of humans who not only see and understand your organization’s worth — but who also know how to verbally and graphically communicate that worth to donors, foundations, and the general public.”

— Emily Hunt Turner, Founder of Ecotone client All Square

Social & Environmental Return on Investment

Both for-profit and nonprofit organizations are increasingly challenged to meet a triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit. Valuation of impact allows organizations to accurately communicate and quantify their value to society.

Ecotone’s proprietary process layers evidence-based research methods and best practices with digestible data visualization, empowering organizations to prove their impact to the world.

Our impact accounting offers a dual benefit. First, it allows organizations to accurately and effectively communicate the value they create to secure more funding and support. Second, it acts as an operational benchmark for organizations to measure themselves against to increase efficiency and impact.


“Face It TOGETHER has found a long-term partner for demonstrating social return and impact. Thanks to Ecotone, we are better positioned to scale, help more people overcome addiction, and improve community health and wellbeing.”

— David Whitesock, Chief Innovation Officer of Ecotone client Face It TOGETHER

Value Communication

Whether you’re working on a capital campaign or trying to find conscientious impact investors to fund your organization, communication is key. The tools and insights gained through working with us will help your organization develop the compelling narrative that funders, investors, and stakeholders look for when deciding where to put their dollars.

Our Impact Value Summary, developed with our data visualization partner Background Stories, communicates the impact value of an organization or project, as well as the stakeholders to whom the benefits accrue. Here is an example from our work with Better Futures Minnesota:

impact value summary ecotone analytics

StartSocial: Impact Accounting Made Simple

StartSocial Change the Face of Business

New social enterprises must accurately project their impact to attract funding and stay true to their missions. StartSocial makes impact accounting affordable and easy to use.

Entrepreneurs can use StartSocial to define their impact and build a logic model, scaling up to track and value impact as they grow. Business schools and accelerators can use it to support and attract impact entrepreneurs.

Soon to launch as a web application, StartSocial is now available as a functional MVP, guiding entrepreneurs to create a simple impact report.


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