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“The Ecotone Way”

SROI & EROI – As “triple bottom line” principles continue to permeate the for-profit and nonprofit markets, valuation of impact has become increasingly important in an entity’s ability to accurately communicate their value to society. Ecotone employs a proprietary process, layering evidence-based methodologies, and best-practices with digestible data visualization, allowing organizations the opportunity to prove their impact to the world.

We see a dual benefit to our product. First, it allows organizations to accurately and effectively communicate the value they create to secure more funding and support. Second, it acts as an operational benchmark for organizations to then measure themselves against to increase efficiency and impact.

Impact Investing Prospectus

Negative screening and ESG screening only go so far in valuing the impact an investor can have on the greater community. Ecotone is developing tools for wealth managers to utilize with influential investors who are interested in ESG screening and beyond. This next level of accounting for conscientious investors is leading the way for an evolved executive conversation focusing on greater outcomes beyond the financial bottom line.

Precision Population Health Strategies

Identifying the leading health disparities and health inequities of a community or region could have the potential of saving the state, the individual, and health institutions millions of dollars in avoided expenses. Utilizing community health indices, mixed with a geographically specific radar identifying the most impactful entities employing interventions with the highest level of confidence, we can provide governments, investors, and communities clear snapshots and roadmaps for directed investments in organizations creating the greatest change.

Value Communication

Whether you’re working on a capital campaign, annual gala, or trying to find conscientious impact investors to chose your organization as the one to give money to, communication is key. Utilizing the tools and insight gained through working with us, we will be able to help your organization develop the compelling narrative funders, investors, and stakeholders look for when deciding where to put their dollars.

Background Stories data visualization info designData Visualization Partner: Background Stories

Background Stories is a design consultancy that uses visuals to communicate complex information on social and environmental issues — particularly for non-expert audiences. They create infographics, data visualizations, online interactive experiences, and more. Arlene Birt, founder and visual storyteller at Background Stories is also a professor at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, teaching courses on infodesign and sustainability since 2008.