Impact Consulting

We believe a new era of informed impact investing has the potential to fundamentally change how (and how much) capital is mobilized to solve social and environmental challenges. We provide information for the impact ecosystem to make better choices, creating more impact for future generations.

Research-Based Approach

Ecotone’s proprietary process layers evidence-based research methods with industry best practices, empowering organizations to prove their impact to the world.

Value Communication

Whether you’re working on a capital campaign or trying to find conscientious impact investors to fund your organization, communication is key. The tools and insights gained through working with us will help your organization develop the compelling narrative that funders, investors, and stakeholders look for when deciding where to put their dollars.

Our Impact Value Summary, developed with our data visualization partner Background Stories, communicates the impact value of an organization or project, as well as the stakeholders to whom the benefits accrue. Here is an example from our work with Better Futures Minnesota:

impact value summary ecotone analytics

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