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Impact Washing – How to Spot it and Avoid it

Modern consumers increasingly demand that companies be conscious of their social and environmental impact, and are no longer satisfied with empty marketing promises; they want to see proof that their purchase is making a difference. Coupled with the internet’s relentless ability to surface the truth, customers can see through empty campaigns. As a result, companies …

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Regenerative Ag and Equity in the Future of Food Production

In September Ecotone Analytics hosted a panel during Twin Cities Startup Week, “Regenerative Ag and Equity in the Future of Food Production,” focusing on sustainability in food production and Regenerative Agriculture. When assembling the panel we wanted to include a variety of perspectives from large agriculture companies to individual farmers. The panel included Margot Conover …


Investment for Equitable Communities Framework: Building Blocks for an Equitable Society

Ecotone is committed to racial and social equity, and the elimination of the structural and systemic barriers that persist today. Our human capital is the most valuable asset we have. The collective sum of our individual differences, life experiences, knowledge, and self-expression are essential to reimagine the world we live in and to advance equitable …