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Ecotone Analytics + Clients Impact Measurement and Reporting

The Economic Impact of Fairview

Fairview Health Services is a nonprofit organization providing health services in the state of Minnesota. Fairview’s activities create an economic impact beyond its own operations, and it is committed to being a strong contributor to the local economy. Ecotone worked with Fairview to identify how much economic activity Fairview contributed to and supported in 2019 …

Ecotone Analytics + Clients Impact Measurement and Reporting

The Impact of All Square

All Square is a non-profit, social enterprise that supports justice-impacted individuals who are navigating barriers that stem from having a criminal record, and supports them in building economic mobility and increased agency. All Square offers a 12 month long Fellowship shaped to fit each individual Fellow’s goals and skills, providing employment opportunities at its craft …

Impact Measurement and Reporting

Social Return on Investment – Communicating Value

Social return on investment (SROI) is a metric adapted from the traditional return on investment (ROI) and is used to measure social, environmental and economic gains that result from an investment. It’s measured by assigning financial value to those gains that aren’t purely financial. For example the monetary value of increased educational attainment or improved …