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Ecotone Analytics + Clients Impact Measurement and Reporting

Measuring the Impact of Wallin Education Partners

The Situation  Wallin Education Partners describes themselves as a college completion program for high potential students with financial needs, specifically students of color and first generation college students from the Twin Cities, Austin or Granite Falls public schools. The program provides both financial and personal support for students to help them in their college journey, …

impact logic models
Impact Measurement and Reporting

Using Logic Models to Predict Risk

If you’re starting a social enterprise or nonprofit, you’ll naturally focus on the impact you plan to have. You’ll predict the effects of your work based on research and past successes in your field, and you’ll imagine the positive outcomes that motivate you to succeed.

You’ll also, however, have to anticipate the potential negative or unexpected outcomes, and predict your ability to successfully execute the business plan and deliver your intended value. You’ll need to account for risk.