All Square is a non-profit, social enterprise that supports justice-impacted individuals who are navigating barriers that stem from having a criminal record, and supports them in building economic mobility and increased agency. All Square offers a 12 month long Fellowship shaped to fit each individual Fellow’s goals and skills, providing employment opportunities at its craft grilled cheese location and offering restorative programming focused on wellness and professional development.

All Square worked with Ecotone previously, and this project served as an update to that analysis, incorporating a few of its planned and developing programmatic changes as well as incorporating its planned alignment to the EMPath Bridges model. The two analyses have overlapping outcomes, but the biggest difference is in the current analysis, the outcomes are based more on the value that is created by Fellows and is a more holistic view of a Fellow’s time. 

Our Work

Ecotone identified a philanthropic SROI of $3.03. This SROI is based off of donors dollars, so for every dollar donated there is an estimated Social Return on Investment of $3.03. In the Impact Value Map below you can see what outcomes are created through All Square’s Fellowship, as well as who specifically benefits from these outcomes. Overall projected lifetime benefits per year created by All Square are $1,240,028 and per graduating fellow are $56,365 with the two largest monetized outcomes being increased earnings from improved mental health and increased job stability during the fellowship and the associated increase in direct wages received from All Square. 

Shown below on the left is the logic model which includes inputs, activities, outputs, outcomes (both short and long term) and impacts that result from All Square. Shown in the middle are some Key Performance Indicators of All Square’s fellowship, and on the right are the five dimensions of impact of All Square that include who, what, how much, contribution and impact risk mitigation.


The SROI is based on donor dollars, and the Impact Value Map breaks out the in-kind donations and earned income, helping communicate how important donations are to All Square. All Square has a restaurant that generates income, but it still relies on donations to run its Fellowship and help create its desired impact. 

As mentioned earlier, something that’s different in this analysis is the alignment to the EMPath Bridges model. This means that in this analysis some of the previous outcomes such as reduced recidivism have been replaced by different ones such as housing, financial management and food economics because they better align with the EMPath Bridges model and avoid deficit-based thinking. With the different outcomes accounted for in this version, the SROI was reduced from $3.27 to $3.03 because the outcomes that were added in this analysis weren’t as big as the deficit based outcomes that were removed. With that said, future data collection could increase the projected SROI and provide a deeper understanding of the impact All Square creates. 

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