The Healthy Town Tioga Project is a proposed multifaceted program model with goals to alleviate health disparity crises, with an emphasis on racial equity. From co-founders, Anthony B. Miles and Clinton Bush, the Healthy Town Tioga Project will include a large venue of space containing “all the elements, facilities, technologies, amenities and resources necessary to promote optimal health and wellness through primary and specialty care, culinary medicine, health care/food innovation, research, teaching and nutrition education”. The venue, called the Center for Culinary Medicine, would be the hub, delivering these positive impacts for the Tioga Nicetown community in Northern Philadelphia.

When the founders of the Healthy Town Tioga Project came to Ecotone they were trying to secure funding in the form of naming rights, in order to be able to build these developments. They wanted Ecotone to create a clear visual explaining the projected impact of the proposed Center for Culinary Medicine so they could better appeal to investors and other financial backers. Ecotone’s ability to qualify and quantify goals and outcomes through SROI provided significant support to Healthy Town’s development goals. 

Ecotone’s Work 

For every $1 contributed towards Naming Opportunities in the Centre for Culinary Medicine, a projected $5 in social value is generated. If 1 person is served by every facility, that results in total annualized benefits of $51,660 across 4 Impact Areas and 6 Stakeholder groups.

When evaluating each of the nine facilities individually, social return on investments ranged from $3-$15. The Farmer’s Market, for example, has a return of $6 for every $1 invested. This return comes from avoided obesity for youth due to increased access to healthier foods as well as avoided chronic disease from fruit and veggie consumption for all community members.

See the diagram below to gain additional insight into how each facility benefits various stakeholders. 

Also below you can see the Investment for Equitable Communities Framework, a framework adapted from the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities, where we mapped several outcomes associated with Healthy Town’s strategies. This framework begins to place Healthy Town’s strategies and outcomes into a broader system, identifying potential gaps and opportunities for partnerships, engagements and cross-sector collaboration. Read more about this framework here.


With Ecotone’s deliverables, the Healthy Town Tioga Project was able to better communicate with investors and raise money for their fund, along with improved engagement for sponsorship opportunities and streamlined promotional communications and PR.

To read more about the Healthy Town Tioga Project check out this article from The Philadelphia Citizen

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