Mobility4All, aka “MO” is a purpose driven social enterprise with a mission to help seniors and those with disabilities via a ride service. Their goals include being “committed to help seniors feel more connected, empowered, and independent” through a “safer, kinder, personalized ride service” say John Doan and Sebastien Tavenas, co-founders.

MO partnered with Ecotone Analytics to classify, and explain, and monetize the benefits and help communicate the impact that MO provides.

Ecotone’s Work:

The collaboration began with a deep dive exercise to create and refine a logic model based on MO’s theory of change. After significant social science research, applied economics, and application of proprietary methods, Ecotone calculated an approximate 164% increase in social return on investment (SROI). For every dollar invested, the social return is $2.64

In the diagram below, the benefits of MO’s services are evident. In addition to reducing the tax burden on society, MO’s model provides significant monetized social return to caregivers, riders, private insurance, health care providers, and drivers. 

Ecotone classified the outcomes (short-term, intermediate, and long-term) for MO and recognized multiple impacts in the improvement of mental and physical well-being, health care equity, efficiency, and effectiveness.


Ecotone’s research and deliverables have helped MO communicate their impact and SROI to investors, stakeholders, potential employees, and customers. The Impact Overview process itself also helped galvanize MO’s business model, providing operational tools and KPIs, strategic value, and marketing and messaging content.

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