Transcend IT connects people to career opportunities and addresses barriers to employment in the IT field.

They offer mentorship and custom training to help participants advance in their careers, and to combat the field’s race and gender disparities.

We used evidence-based analysis to measure Transcend IT’s impact and determine the social return on investment in their programs. The result of our research and accounting:

For every $1 spent on Transcend IT’s training programs, there is a $6.58 social return on investment.

Our Impact Value Summary illustrates how their work creates value for not only program participants, but also their dependents, society, and taxpayers:

Transcend IT Impact Value Summary data visualization by Ecotone Analytics.

This analysis will be refined in the future as Transcend IT develops a longer track record, serves more individuals, and continues to develop their data collection processes.

Transcend IT is positioned to support people experiencing barriers to employment and to address disparities, while providing access to career opportunities that have the potential to transform a participant’s life.

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