Why Ecotone?

Ecotone Analytics empowers social enterprises to launch and scale by accounting for and communicating their impact.

Leaders in Impact Accounting: We’re the only Minnesota-based firm that offers evidence-based valuation of impact. We follow the current trends and best practices in this field to ensure we’re providing you with the state-of-the-art valuation techniques and tools.

Impact Scholars: Our team is constantly researching, developing, and engaging in the philosophical evolution of utilizing capital to achieve substantial, sustainable social change.

Bespoke Approach: We tailor our services to fit your unique impact.

Fresh Perspective: We provide our clients with new and groundbreaking ways to prove and communicate their impact to stakeholders and funders.

Systems Approach: We look at the system holistically to find the most efficient way to create the outcome we’re looking for.

Passionate, Inquisitive Team: Our team is passionate about making change in the world and scaling impact, and we love being part of our clients’ important work.

Proof in the Pudding: We live our values as a General Benefit Corporation in the State of Minnesota.

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From Emily Hunt Turner, founder of All Square and Ecotone client:

“Ecotone is one of few firms that know how to effectively valuate evidence-based interventions. As the founder of a start-up social enterprise that aims to disrupt the prison industrial complex, nothing could be more appealing that working with a team of humans who not only see and understand your organization’s worth — but who also know how to verbally and graphically communicate that worth to donors, foundations, and the general public.

The Impact Value Summary that Ecotone generated for All Square provided a powerful yet succinct data-driven story that we were able to share with prospective funders and partners. This summary clearly and efficiently demonstrated our commitment to providing an innovative intervention that
doesn’t just sound and/or look good — but can be proven to have a tangible impact in the community we aim to serve.

Their command of capital markets is remarkable, as are their innovative valuation tools and techniques. But it’s the firm’s authenticity — a quality that simply can’t be manufactured — that really sets them apart.”