Impact Overview and Analysis

Purpose – To identify, drive and communicate your impact. Ecotone measures, models, and visually communicates your impact in depth to tell a story that resonates, turning the idea of “good” into tangible value

Overview – This is a 90 day project with 6 milestone meetings

Deliverables – At the conclusion of the project you will have an Impact Overview Document that visualizes the data along with a technical document that shows how these measures were determined

impact value summary ecotone analytics
Impact Overview Data Visualization
Impact Overview Materials

Impact Baseline Workshop

Purpose – In our Impact Baseline Workshop we help your team create, solidify, or refine business or delivery models, improve internal and external communications, assess new programs or projects, make investment decisions, and renew focus and collaboration among stakeholders.

Overview – The Impact Baseline Workshop is a 2+ hour session where Ecotone facilitates exercises and discussions to lead to the intended outcomes

Deliverables – After the workshop you will receive an Impact Baseline Documentation that includes data, tables, Ecotone’s narrative and other recommendations and opportunities identified during the workshop

Additional Services

Predictive Analytics
Strategic Development Frameworking
Portfolio Diligence and Tools