Our Story

In early 2014, Ecotone’s co founders Tim Roman and Ted Carling met at a 2 day long social innovation deep dive. A blizzard cut the event short, but they had more to talk about, so they embarked on a tour of breweries and chicken wing spots around the Twin Cities. During this, Tim’s knowledge of impact research and Ted’s knowledge of dashboarding and operational data came together to create Ecotone. Since then, Ecotone has evolved to what it is today through collaboration, brainstorming and learning from the impact ecosystem as well as important team additions and a partnership with Background Stories to visualize the data they measure.

Our Mission

Ecotone’s mission is to help clients scale their social and environmental impact by communicating impact value to stakeholders and investors.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where organizations using evidence-based interventions can accurately account for the social and environmental benefit they’re creating, and communicate that value to investors, donors, and the public.

A new era of impact investing has the potential to fundamentally change how capital is mobilized to solve social and environmental challenges. A key element in this emerging ecosystem is the accurate and timely accounting of impact created by investments in social and environmental impact organizations. We bridge the gap between impact investors and proven social interventions. We also help donors, investors, and community partners identify the organizations that use proven, evidence-based approaches to social issues and barriers.

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