Face It TOGETHER offers coaching for people with addiction and their loved ones.

They partnered with us to understand the impact of their programs, and to use evidence-based analysis to measure the value of that impact.

The result of our research and accounting:

For every $1 spent on coaching people with addiction, there is a $12.40 return on investment.

We also mapped the organization’s impact value to show how recovery coaching benefits not just the individual, but their loved ones, their employer, taxpayers, and society as a whole.

Now, Face It TOGETHER can use this impact value map to encourage investment in their programs:

Face It TOGETHER Impact Value Summary data visualization by Ecotone Analytics.

“Understanding social return on investment is just one of the many ways we define and measure our impact overall. Knowing the SROI on every dollar spent on peer coaching demonstrates our credibility and keeps us true to our values as an organization. Face It TOGETHER not only improves the wellness of our members, but also brings value to communities.” – Kristen Goettsch, Face It TOGETHER Senior Evaluation Scientist

Face It TOGETHER sees this work as just the first step. We’ll continue working with them to measure and analyze their impact over time.

Visit Face It TOGETHER’s website to read the full report on their impact and social return on investment.

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